This section is for course that primarily focus on live-action actions, such as LARP, live-action wargaming, cosplay, reinactments, etc.

This program provides a brief background on Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) and listing of the other 3 RPG formats, followed by hands-on experience participating in several short live-action role-playing game sessions, and wrapping up with a summary of the experience and a short summary of the benefits from regular participation in LARP.

Focus: All (Layperson, Education, Healthcare).

Typical Class Time:  xx

RPG Formats Included: LARP (non-combat and combat styles)

Total Rate (local): $300 (1+ participants)

Rate (teleconference): $200 (1+ participants)

Rate (on-site distant): Negotiable / RPG Trailer

Number of Trainees: 1+

Prerequisites: RPG-99-01 or RPGADV-100-01

Post-training test: Yes (multiple-choice, fill in the blank, matching). Require 90%+ test score to receive certificate.

Training Certification Received: Live-action RPG Training Level 1 (LARP-1). Certificate is valid for 5 years, or can be renewed with CEUs.

Details: This program is available to laypersons and established care professionals.

This program includes:

  • Brief history and background of Role-Playing Gaming, and short explanation of all 4 RPG formats, and the many variants of LARP styles (half hour).
  • Hands-on participation in several short LARP sessions as a player, using pre-generated characters in both non-combat and combat styles (2 hours).
  • Summary of the experience, and short summary of research indicating the benefits, and any caveats, from regular participation in LARP, and resources on finding opportunities to participate in LARP in your neighborhood (half hour).


Training includes introductory interactive participation in 1 RPG format: 

  • Live-action Role-Playing (LARP), non-combat and combat styles.

Introduction to LARP Workshop I.

Participants need to be able to participate in the class either in-person or over video. Participants must be in a location where they can move around the room, stand, and sit.

Participants will be taken through a very rules-light free-form costumeless LARP.