Courses related to achieving the Professional RPG Entertainer certifications.

RPGs were always designed as a form of entertainment for the participants directly involved in the activity, whatever the format: tabletop, live-action, computer-based, or solo adventure books/modules.

But increasingly people have been enjoying watching the participants in the RPG activities as passive and interactive audience members.

This section covers this evolving social phenomena, and possibilities for Professional RPG Entertaintainers:

  • On stage
  • On screen
  • Online
  • Audio
  • in AR & VR contexts

With the increasing interest in watching RPG Entertainers through the online medium, such as Twitch, Youtuve, etc. a Professional RPG Entertainer may need to take into account the technological components and the impact various technologies have on this performance medium, as well as the potential impacts on the RPG experience from "normal" settings.