Course specific to Therapeutic Recreation

Introduction to the key concepts of Therapeutic Recreation & Recreational Therapy.

Why TR/RT is such an excellent fit for any programs using any RPG format to optimize the recreational experience, and as an ideal approach for achieving participants educational, recreational, and therapeutic goals.

Therapeutic Recreation and the power of Flow State.

How Flow state is a useful measurable component in optimizing the RPG experience.

The concepts as proposed by Tuckman on the stages and considerations of Small Group Formation often known as: "Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing" (and alternatively Mourning & Re-Forming).

Recreational Therapist are professional especially trained in addressing these dynamics.

Any of the multi-participants RPG formats (tabletop, LARP, and multiplayer CRPGs), also need to take these dynamics into consideration. Getting stuck in one of the early stages can often lead to RPG groups fizzling out, while achieving the higher levels can lead to exceptional experiences and long-lasting relationships.