Introductory courses related to using activities to achieve therapeutic goals and/or in therapeutic settings, with information on therapeutic considerations for specific populations.

An introductory course for laypersons and professionals wishing to get a glimpse into how therapeutic concepts and applications provide an optimal enhancement to the role-playing gaming experience. With notable emphasis on Recreation Therapy / Therapeutic Recreation, arguably one of the best matched professions for enhancing the RPG experience.

This course assumes you have no prior therapeutic experience, however, even healthcare professionals will want to take this course as a baseline for the more advanced courses, unless they already have a TR-specific background.

This course provides a high level overview of the topics from:

  • Relevant Psychological & Neuroscience Concepts
  • Play Therapy
  • Recreation Therapy / Therapeutic Recreation
  • Therapeutic RPG / RPG Therapy
  • Therapeutic Music / Music Therapy
  • Application of all the above to RPG programs

Focused in how they apply to integration with role-playing game programs.

This is a prerequisite for the Therapeutic Game Master course/certification path.

Details on this course coming soon.