The Neuroscience of learning.

This is a series of courses specifically designed for the 501(c)3 non-profit organization RPG Research.

RPG Therapeutics LLC donated this section for the non-profit to use freely. According to their terms, new volunteers have free access to this section after they complete their initial onboarding process. It is used to verify that volunteers are completing their training, proving comprehension & retention, and for their internal diplomas (which closely parallels RPG Therapeutics LLC's certification program).

These courses are NOT available to the general public. They can only be taken by current RPG Research Official Volunteer Staff Members.

All course material in this section is handled by RPG Research staff. RPG Therapeutics LLC merely provides the platform (as a free donation) to RPG Research for use.

For any questions about this section, please contact info at rpgresearch dot com.

This course covers a high level overview of the different roles and learning pathways available, relevant to decided which training to participate in.

After this, you will choose the training pathway(s) specific to the roles for which you are training.

Includes brief roles overview for:

  • All staff in every role
  • RPG Advocate
  • RPG Facilitator
  • Player Archetype Specialist
  • RPG Writer
  • Program Planner
  • Fundraiser and Grant Writer
  • Researcher
  • Live show player (a la Fates Revolt, etc.)
  • Recreational Game Master
  • Entertainment Game Master
  • Educational Game Master
  • Therapeutic Game Master
  • Master GM Trainer
  • Drum Circle Facilitator
  • Cooperative Music Jam Facilitator

This course provides a very high level introduction to some key concepts in learning based on neuroscience.

This is a major component in the learning approach we take, so all students should have this rudimentary information understood, and the techniques followed, before proceeding with the rest of their learning process.