General, non-specialized courses on games, that are often prerequisite requirements for other courses. They are usually foundational courses to be built upon by later more in-depth programs. These include tabletop, live-action, solo, and computer-based formats.

Introduction to role-playing games using the Hawkes-Robinson RPG Model with an overview of the four major RPG formats.

The RPG-098-xxxx series of courses are short overview highlights of the more in-depth material found in the RPG-099 larger single course. 

Some of the topics included in this course include:

  • Introduction to the Hawkes-Robinson RPG Model.
  • Overview of the 4 Major RPG Formats
  • Tabletop RPG (TRPG)
  • Live-action RPG (LRPG)
  • Electronic RPG (eRPG)
  • Hybrid RPG (HRPG)
  • Larps
  • Audio RPG (ARPG)
  • Computer-based RPG (CRPG)
  • Solo Adventure Books & Modules (SABM)
  • Diceless RPG

Introduction to role-playing game formats: Hybrid.

Introduction to role-playing game formats: electronic.

Introduction to role-playing game formats: live-action.