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Students may now take the course RPG-099-01

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Students may now take the course RPG-099-01
by Admin User - Tuesday, 9 January 2018, 7:36 PM

RPG Education Logo, Yellow human head with graduation cap on top, and twenty sided die at brain. Additional Text: A Service offering by RPG Therapeutics LLC.Classes have begun for the Introductory RPG-99-01 course. This foundational course is "A Brief Summary of Role-Playing Game History, Controversy, Formats, Research, & Profession". It is a prerequisite of most of the other RPG courses available on the RPG Education platform. You can now enroll, pay for your course, and begin taking the class within a few minutes/hours of sending your payment.

Since these courses are individually self-paced, you can begin any time now.

You will first need to create a registered account on this website. Enroll in the course Introductory RPG-99-01 course. Make your payment. Once payment is verified, the site admin will upgrade you account to paid student for the course, and you can begin to take the course. The cost to take the course, and remain enrolled for 6 months is $25 USD. The cost to take the final test to receive a grade and training certificate, is an additional $25 USD.

The courses currently available have been offered in-person for about a decade. We are incrementally moving the equivalent of more than 100 courses to this online platform. For introductory courses this will make many of the beginner courses much more affordable and better able to scale to meet the currently overwhelming demand.

RPG-99-01 is a required introductory course for everyone that has not been through prior RPG Therapeutics LLC training, or the volunteer training at RPG Research. Most of the other courses list this course as a minimum prerequisite. It is extremely high level but very much a foundation upon which everything else builds.

For the introductory courses the online versions are far less expensive than the in-person courses. For example this course is normally $200+ in-person, at facilities, etc, (which includes include the final testing fee). This is because the online format frees up the instructor so much more, once the course is fully ready.

These courses are based on more than 35 years of RPG experience, more than 30 years of technology experience, 20+ years of educational instruction experience, and more than a decade of experience in therapeutic recreation, neuroscience, and research psychology.

We also received requests from some students that only want to take the course, and are not planning on professional certification, so are not interested in taking the final test for passing the course, and asked that we waive the testing fee, thus the separation of the two fees.

There are a number of quizzes throughout the course that you must pass at 100% before you can proceed to the next section.

For those wishing to receive the certificate indicating they actually _passed_ the course final with a 90% or better, there is a separate $25 testing fee. Some of the Professional RPG certifications require these certificates as prerequisites to taking various professional certification tests. So it is worthwhile for those working toward a professional certification to take the course final.

This $25 fee assumes you can take the test in person. We are looking into affordable methods to allow everyone to take the final tests online, while preventing cheating. Proctors are a common method, but we do not yet have proctor network developed , nor how much added cost they might incur. All of our tests for the past decade or so, have been in-person. If you have an external, detachable webcam, we may be able to accommodate you remotely. Please contact us to verify.

Thank you for your interest and patience. I am very much looking forward to your feedback with the upcoming course experience. I hope you are understanding about how challenging it is to move from the in-person courses to the online format, and welcome your feedback during the process.

-Hawke Robinson



We are working on a better automated and integrated process, but for now, the payment process is more manual. We apologize for this process, and ask you to please be patient as we are still setting up all of these online tools.

Here is the current process for enrollment:

1. Register and verify your account on this site.

2. Select and self-enroll in the available course. This will reserve your student "slot", but you will not yet be able to access the course content at the course start date, until your payment has been processed.

3. Click the PayPal button near the bottom of this page, you will be directed to a secure page to complete your purchase process.

4. Make a payment of $25 for this course. Optionally you may pay $30 for a full year of access to this course, or $50 for 2 years access, including any changes/updates to this course during that period.

4. When you receive confirmation that the payment has cleared, email support at rpgtherapeutics dot com to just in case we don't get the automated Paypal notification.

5. We will verify the payment has cleared, and then your account for this class will be upgraded to "Enrolled, Paid Student".

6. When the Course State Date arrives, you will be able to take the classes.

7. Your enrollment for this course will be valid for 120+ days if you wish to come back and review material.

8. Feel free to contact us for any questions, comments, problems, suggestions, etc. rpgtherapeutics at gmail dot com, or text/call: (USA): (509) 481-5437

9. You will see a charge on your card listed as either RPGTHERAPEU or RPG THERAPEUTICS LLC

Select your payment amount

NOTE: We are still migrating content from our 77 offline courses to this online platform. This first course, which we are still adding chapters to, is helping us work out the kinks, and your participation helps with this process. That is part of the reason why this course is offered at a significantr discount currently. As we work things out, the price for this course will increase to the normal online rates. So this is an excellent time to try this out at an inexpensive rate, and helping us improve the platform for everyone around the world taking this course. We have students across the globe already taking this course. We just ask for your patience as we work through this process.