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Online Learning Platform Beginning to Come Back Online Now

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Online Learning Platform Beginning to Come Back Online Now
by Admin User - Sunday, 11 November 2018, 3:33 AM

After months of dreadful technical issues leading to the online education platform being effectively offline for months, we're finally getting things back up and running on the new production server. The site is now up and running (mostly) at

While access is back up for existing students, and you are getting an additional year of access for free due to the technical issues, delays, thanks to your feedback, help, patience, and understanding, the platform is greatly improving, and we're updating our content.

We're still ironing out a few bugs from the change of servers and major software version upgrades, but it looks promising.

Basically all data from late March appears to be saved, anything after late March though was corrupted or lost. Fortunately that does not seem to have seriously impacted many.

We'll have updates in the coming days as we get fully back online.

Thank you for all your support, understanding, and patience during these challentes.


-Hawke Robinson

President, RPG Therapeutics LLC